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If you don’t do any development, a straightforward text editor is a better option. Notepad++ is a very popular text editor on Windows. It has many features that make it particularly suitable for editing program source code. It sits somewhere between a fully-loaded text editor and a true integrated development environment. Here we can load projects, save, create macros and install plugins for specific languages.

It might be that if you’re looking at a local file in your local browser it assumes UTF-8. I cannot tell you, because I have no insight into your webserver or your local computer. If you don’t know that, you probably have some studying of web technology to do. You look on the Notepad++ menu, where it has the word “Encoding” as a menu entry; you click on it. Then you go to the menu entry called “Convert to UTF-8-BOM” and click on it. I would highly recommend doing research on how file encoding, especially for webpages, works.

Learning how to get back unsaved or deleted Notepad files can be a big help at a critical time, especially with Bitwar Data Recovery Software. You must stop using the device where the lost file was. This can lead to data overwriting, and thus, recovery of deleted Notepad files is simply impossible.

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Tab «new 4» is the tab which refers to opened file. So after success search you should see your Notepad++ screen split into 2 horizontal screens, the bottom one should show found results. I expected to see one window opening at bottom giving all different search results with different occurences say 15 times. When i click particular occurence it should take to that line.

  • Typically, Notepad++ will record a step in a macro every time a user does something in the Notepad++ user interface.
  • If you lost documents in other formats, please refer to solutions below.
  • No one has provided any data or screenshots to show a problem.
  • We have created a list of the top 12 Notepad++ themes that include light and dark notepad++ themes.

When your registration is done, go to the Dashboard. Proceed to registration and provide your current email address to create your account. To fast-track your registration, simply link your Gmail profile. A more sensible improvement to Notepad would be the ability to remove it altogether so typing «note» in the start menu would instantly result in Notepad++ being selected … Oh wait, it does, because Notepad is called «Editor» in Windows. At this breakneck speed, we should arrive at the function level of Notepad++ around 2095.

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Entering the text you want to find highlights the text or moves the window to the text on the page you are currently reading. Notepad is a basic text-editing program in Windows 10, and it’s most commonly used to view or edit text files. A text file is a file type typically identified by the .txt file name extension.

On the website, click on Download Notepad++ v8.4.5. The version might change depending on the time you’re accessing the website. We’d like to highlight that from time to time, we may miss a potentially malicious software program. The Notepad++ application is not, by itself, a compiler. This means that, while you can use the application to write code, you cannot use it to test the code. With the help of external software, such as MinGW, Notepad++ can be configured to compile and execute C and C++ code.

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